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Soul Mate


Spiritual path of Dr. David R. Hawkins


I have been reclusive for years.  It seems to me I may stay that way.  I enjoy my own company and have tons of fun talking to and playing with my inner child and laughing as we take each other’s inventory and give each other advice.   Ha ha ha ha ha!   And I like watching all of this too.  Who else is there? 


I used to have a lot of requirements for what I was looking for in a relationship with a woman, until I read this quote. 


“Boy, you are projecting a lot of requirements on that relationship!  It’s got to be creative?  It’s got to grow?  If you see the intrinsic reality of everything, you will see  each thing is perfect.  A person gives you a glance of trusting love – there is nothing more in the universe.  What more is there in a relationship!      David Hawkins Sedona February 17, 2007 


If you are on the same path as I and know it as David Hawkins that is the glance of trusting love I am looking for.


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